Carlisle School Classroom Driving Instruction

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The Carlisle School and Safe Driving School of the Piedmont are working together in the 2024 spring term to provide safe, responsible driving instruction to eligible Carlisle students. This course is only available to eligible Carlisle School students.

How does driver education work? Our Commonwealth places parents in the driver’s seat for student driver education. Parents have the legal power to revoke their child’s learner’s permit if their child does NOT take the privilege seriously. By extension, parents are expected to find that empty parking lot and get their child up to speed on the safe operation of any family vehicle, and follow the Department of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) guidance on their role in student driver education.

Why use a driving school? Driving schools provide two advantages for student drivers. First, they provide a faster, easier route for securing a legal driver’s license without going through the Virginia court system. Student drivers obtain their driver’s license directly from a licensed instructor. Second, driving schools provide the finishing needed after initial parent instruction. This includes exposure to all legal driving knowledge, the latest methodology, DMV written test preparation, and driver evaluation with the Behind the Wheel component.

What is the opportunity? Carlisle has invited Safe Driving to campus for a two week student driver course. The classroom course will prepare the student for the written Virginia Motor Vehicle License test. The legal aspects of driving, rights, responsibilities and driver compliance are covered. The student driver classroom course will run (TBA). Parents are legally required to attend the 90 minute Parent-Teen Driving Presentation, TBD, as required by the DMV.

Driving further. Safe Driving School of the Piedmont stresses the development of good judgment and proper driving habits on the road. Behind the Wheel instruction is available, but is provided in a dedicated student driving vehicle off campus. Interested families can schedule driving time after the Parent-Teen presentation.

Safe Driving School of the Piedmont is a licensed Virginia school and follows all guidelines set forth by the Code of Virginia Title 46.2. Motor Vehicles, Chapter 17 Driver Training Schools § 46.2-1700 through 46.2-1707. The school is a Class B licensee providing driver education and training to non-commercial and non-motorcycle student drivers of all ages.

For questions or Behind the Wheel sign-up, please call (434) 791-2223 or email