Mission and Philosophy

Safe Driving Mission

An American rite-of-passage is the safe handling of an automobile. As Americans, we use motor vehicle transportation to go to the store, visit our friends or relatives, and most commonly commuting to work. The proper use of an automobile is a big aspect of our collective American heritage.

As a consequence, there are many drivers on American roads. The freedom to drive means responsibility, and driving an automobile safely is a critical part of a good driving experience. Responsible drivers are safe drivers.

“We reach our students at their level. We meet them at whatever level they need to make them a safe driver behind the wheel.”
Ricky Fugate

Our Mission

Safe Driving School of the Piedmont provides driver education and practical, defensive driver training focused on the safe operation of a motor vehicle within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Students are trained to recognize threats to their safety both inside and outside an operating motor vehicle, recognize the safety of others, and be a conscientious, responsible driver.

Our Philosophy

Safe Driving School of the Piedmont provides its students an excellent learning experience focused on driving with confidence. Our students are knowledgeable behind the wheel and approach the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Knowledge Test with certainty. We seek positive outcomes for all of our students.